I love LA!

As a person who lives in two different worlds, I experience the best of Los Angeles and Paris. I experience the best of both worlds (the best aspects of two different things).

Los Angeles means "the city of angels" in Spanish. People from LA often use the expression when they talk about the city. Los Angeles has the largest population in California and has the second largest population in the United States. The city with the largest population in the US is New York City.

When people think of Los Angeles, Hollywood often comes to mind (something enters your thoughts). LA is known as the "Entertainment Capital of the World." However, it is also a world center of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology, and education.

When I am in LA, I have my favorite places to visit and my passions to experience. I must also tell you that I have my favorite food to eat.

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In Los Angeles, the Pacific ocean and the beach are to the west and the mountains are to the east. One of my favorite views is the Hollywood sign from the beach. You can see the sign in the middle of the photo, between the two buildings.

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There is a bicycle path on the beach that is about 22 miles long (35 kilometers). I love riding a bike or running on the path. The path is also called "The Strand" by Los Angelians (people who were born in Los Angeles). I am also fond of the view from the beach and I often run on the path to make up for (compensate for) all the food I eat (you will see the food below).

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My parents and I like to go to a pedestrian street (for people only, where there are no cars) called the Third Street Promenade. There are many stores and restaurants and the promenade is about two minutes from the beach.

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One of the traditions I have with my family in Los Angeles is to go to a famous cafe called The Pantry. The cafe is located (situated) in downtown LA and it never closes. It is open 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and it is never locked (closed with a key) because there is no lock on the door! People generally go to The Pantry for breakfast and enjoy eggs, pancakes, coffee, and hash browns (fried potatoes that are cut into small pieces).

WARNING: If you are not familiar with the food in the photos, it could gross you out (disgust you or make you sick).

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A favorite tradition my father and I have is to eat a chili burger (a hamburger with chili in it) for dinner when I arrive in Los Angeles. The restaurant we go to is called Tomy's.

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Mexican food is fantastic (superb) in LA. After a chili burger, I often like to eat a chicken or potato burrito. Please note that I do not have a burrito the same day I eat a chili burger. I usually wait two or three days to completely digest the chili burger.

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Another favorite place my family and I go to is Farmers Market. At Farmers Market, you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition, there are restaurants and a shopping center.

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When I go to Farmers Market, I stop by (visit a place for a short period of time) Bob's Coffee and Doughnuts.

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They make the best apple fritters (a pastry that is made with apples) there!

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Finally, before I leave LA, I eat a pastry called a cinnamon roll at a place called Cinnabon. The pastry is made with a lot of sugar, butter, and cinnamon.

As you can see, my passions in Los Angeles include (consist of) bicycle riding, running, and eating. However, LA is a unique city that has a little of everything for everyone. That is why I love LA!


  • Where are your favorite places?
  • What are your passions?

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  1. I really like your article!

    My favorite places are Los Angeles, Paris, Sienna, St Martin en Vercors (France) and Arcachon (next to Bordeaux, in France).

    My passions are playing the guitar, dancing, singing and staying with my friends!


    1. Thank you!

      I also think Sienna is beautiful and it is one of my favorite places too!

  2. Hi Terry!

    Thanks you for your very interesting article! I just wanna go there now!!
    You didn't tell me lies about burgers, it seems so big! i can't wait to get to NY to taste it!

    See you soon!


    1. I hope you can visit LA one day, Marion!

      Thank you very much for your kind words. Yes, you may be amazed at the size of everything in NY, particularly the food.

      I am happy about your future trip to NY. Have fun and enjoy every minute of it!

      Take care,


  3. Hello Terry,
    What a beautiful description! You are adept at enjoying 3F (fun, food and family).
    I think, we forgot Rome, as a favorite place.
    See ou soon

    1. I agree, Roma!

      Rome is beautiful, although I have never been there. I would love to go to Rome one day.

      I think living the 3F is important in life.


  4. Dear Terry,
    Thank you for this very nice article about LA.
    Like Marion, Now I am going to dream about this city. I hope visiting it one day...
    Where is the picture of your favorite beach ? I hesitate between pictures in this article and another one in the previous text ?
    I hope you have great holidays and you succeed in the 20km Paris' race

  5. Many thanks for your comment, Camille!

    I hope you can visit LA one day too, but your next holiday seems wonderful!

    Enjoy and I am looking forward to hearing about your holiday in April.

    You are right! The photo in the post, "Where is your heaven?" is of my favorite beach!

    I will be happy to show you more photos in April.

    Take care!