Everyday Expressions To Know And Use

In English, as in different languages, there are expressions that we use regularly. The expressions are called "everyday" language and people use them very often.

Here is a list of everyday expressions that you can hear in music, movies, on TV series, and on the street:

Check out = “Look at” (You check something or someone out. That means that you look at something or someone.)
  • John checked out the car that was on the street. 
  • Hey, Tom, check out the book I am reading at the moment.

Figure out = “Determine”, “Solve”, “Understand” (You figure something out.)

  • I cannot figure out how to use this machine. 
  • Please help me figure out a solution. 
Work out = “Determine”, “Solve”, “Understand” (Synonym of “Figure out”)

Deal with = “Manage” (You deal with something or someone.)
  • I can deal with my boss, but I sometimes have difficulty dealing with my customers. 
  • If you have a problem, deal with it! 

Obvious (Obviously) = “Clear”, “Evident”, “Clearly”

Whatever = “Never mind”, “I don't care”, “It does not matter” (In French = “qu’importe”)
  • A: I am leaving for the day and I do not know when I will be back (return).
    B: Whatever! 

“Have a good one!” = “Have a nice day!”, “Have a good day!” (Or if it is the evening, it could mean, “Have a good evening!”)

“Let me know” = To let someone know: To inform someone, To tell someone
  • Please let me know when you get back (return) from Los Angeles.


Can you think of examples to use these expressions in sentences?

Leave your example in a comment below or send me an example by E-mail at kaufman.terry@gmail.com, if you like.

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