Video Discussion: Coffee or tea?

I am fond of coffee. In fact, I love it. I drink two or three cups a day. Espresso and cappuccino are my favorites. I also like tea, but I prefer coffee to give me the energy I need during the day. But I would rather have tea in the evening or at night than drink coffee. I like drinking camomile tea before going to bed. On the contrary, at the weekend, I prefer having green tea, Ruschka tea, or Marco Polo tea in the afternoon. Drinking tea and reading a book are wonderful things to do to relax, in my opinion!

In the text above, there are some interesting grammar points and vocabulary:
  • TO BE FOND OF something or doing something (verb + ing). We use this expression when you like something very much.
  • WOULD RATHER DO SOMETHING THAN DO SOMETHING. To express a preference, we use this expression.
  • LIKE OR PREFER DOING SOMETHING (verb + ing). We also use the construction LIKE OR PREFER TO DO SOMETHING (to + a verb).
  • BEFORE DOING SOMETHING (verb + ing).
  • ON THE CONTRARY is the same as "in contrast" and "on the other hand".
  • IN MY OPINION is the same as "from my point of view" and "to me".
  • Please note the use of time expressions and prepositions: IN THE EVENING, AT NIGHT, AT THE WEEKEND, and IN THE AFTERNOON.

In the following video discussion, you will hear people in London discuss coffee and tea. 

You will hear some interesting vocabulary:
  • 'Cos is a contraction of because.
  • As well is the same as "too".
  • Awake is the opposite of asleep. You are awake during the day and asleep at night.
  • A substitute is the same as "a replacement (for something)".
  • To get started is to begin (something).

  • Do you prefer coffee or tea?
  • When do you rather drink coffee than drink tea?
  • Do you have a favorite activity that you like doing when you drink coffee or tea?
  • Can you do more things with tea than coffee?
Tell me by leaving a comment below or in a message by E-mail at, if you like. 

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  1. This is very funy, you name one of my favorite teas... Next week, you will test another one. Maybe you will love it too...

    1. I am happy you found the text funny, Camille. I would be delighted to test another tea next week. Thank you!

  2. Excellent idea Terry.
    Very good job as usual.
    More, please

  3. Many thanks, Roma! I appreciate your encouragement!