Expression: To Throw In The Towel

TO THROW IN THE TOWEL = To quit or to admit failure


- McGraw-Hill was ready to throw in the towel, and they were trying to get a magazine sold. Fortunately, Bloomberg has been able to turn around (improve, make better) the magazine in a pretty quick time frame (period of time).

- Independent oil and gas explorer Hyperdynamics seems to have thrown in the towel. What's worse is that the company seems to be heading for (going to have, going towards) some legal trouble as well.

- "We weren't going to throw in the towel with four minutes left (remaining). We still wanted to play and we weren't going to go down (lose, be beaten) without a fight." - Kevin Gardner


  • When was the last time you threw in the towel? What happened?
  • Why is it sometimes necessary to throw in the towel?
  • Can throwing in the towel lead to (result in, cause, provoke) better things or a better situation?

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Source: English For Business

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