American English Slang: The Use Of Awesome And Suck

If you listen to songs and watch American movies or TV series, you have probably heard people use the words awesome and suck. These two words are common in American English slang. As you will see below, the words have completely different meanings. 

In a nutshell
(to sum up, in brief), someone or something is awesome. Awesome means:
  • Remarkable
  • Outstanding (excellent)
  • Amazing
  • Wonderful
  • Superb
  • Marvelous
  • Sublime
  • Exciting

On the contrary
, suck has a different meaning. Similar to how we use awesome, someone or something sucks. Suck means:
  • Horrible
  • Awful
  • Terrible
We also use suck as a phrasal verb:
  • To suck it up means to deal with a difficult situation without complaining or creating problems.

    For example, "Despite my anger during the meeting, I sucked it up because I did not want to insult my colleagues or cause any problems.
  • To suck up to someone means to agree with someone because of his or her position or power (and for his or her approval).

    For example, "Being married for 17 years has taught me when to suck up to my wife. I know exactly when to agree with her and when to suck it up."

The video below provides awesome explanations of how to use suck in English.

Source: engVid 


When was the last time you had to suck it up?
Have you ever sucked up to a person to get his or her approval?
When was the last time you saw an awesome movie or read an awesome book?
When did you go on a holiday that sucked?

Tell me by leaving a comment below or in a message by E-mail at, if you like.

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