Video Discussion: One Moment In Time

For three months, I took photos of nature, people, and objects that captivated me. The video below is a compilation of photos that I call, "One moment in time."  (There is music, so please be sure your sound is on.)

Why "One moment in time?" I feel that to enjoy each moment, you must be in the present. The present is a gift to enjoy.


When do you take time to enjoy life?
When are your best moments in life?
When are your worst moments?
Did you take a photo that captured a precious moment in time?

Tell me by leaving a comment below or in a message by E-mail at, if you like.

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  1. hello Terry,

    J like the pictures you posted on your video about "one moment in time" J like too, take one moment in time with beautiful pictures of nature, animals, or original moment of life.

    Today, the wheather is like and this morning J tooke my bicycle and bike to the river near my home LA MARNE with my boy friend during about 2 hours.

    There were a lot of peaple along the river but
    it was even very pleasant to ride in the sunny

    For me the best moment in my life, is when J come back at home in the evening. When J climb the stairs, J hear my cat before J arrived near the door : "she said to my friend : It's Mamam !! (yes J am sure, J speak very well the cat lunguage ! ) and when J open the doors she comes out to have a walk outside of the flat.

    But the worst moment for me for is the morning when J wake up on the week and realise that J have to go to work, J prefer when J wake up on the weekend...

    1. Thank you for sharing your best and worst moments! I enjoyed reading your text and I am happy you took advantage of the nice, sunny day!

      Riding a bike for two hours with your boyfriend in sunny weather is wonderful.

      Have a nice week and enjoy the next weekend!


  2. I like the picture of the statue where the guy realizes he's forgotten to put his trousers on! hand on face..oh no I've done it again!

    Best moments in life are people watching in the my favourite food..

    Worst moments..crowded transport..any time I'm running late for something or someone.

    1. I agree! Playing Scrabble, eating good food, and doing sports are wonderful moments. However, taking public transport in the summer when there are many people and bad odors is certainly a bad moment!

      Thank you for sharing your best and worst moments.