Picture Discussion: The Big Terry Burger

While I was in Los Angeles to visit my family and friends, I was invited to a BBQ (barbecue) at my uncle's house.

I took advantage of (used the opportunity) the occasion to create a "Big T" burger. Big T stands for (represents) Big Terry. 

In my opinion, the burger was yummy for the tummy (delicious)!

What do you think?

The Big T burger consists of two meat patties (round pieces of meat), ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, tomatoes, two slices of cheese, and pickles (a cucumber that is preserved in vinegar).


When was the last time you created something that you were proud of?
When did you last make something that was yummy for the tummy for lunch or dinner?

Tell me by leaving a comment below or in a message by E-mail at kaufman.terry@gmail.com, if you like.

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