Video Discussion: Do you exercise for your health?

Exercise is important to your health and fitness. In the video below, you will hear people from London talk about the exercise they do to keep fit (stay in good health).

Source: Express English - Fitness

Interesting grammar points in the video:
  • "Going to the gym makes you feel good."

    We use the construction, MAKE + SOMEONE + FEEL SOMETHING, when someone or something creates a feeling in you.

    We use MAKE + SOMEONE + DO SOMETHING, when you force someone to do something. For example, "I made my children do their homework," means that my children did not want to do their homework, so I forced them to do it.
  • "I do running."

    When you use DO + AN ACTIVITY, we use a VERB + ING. You do shopping and you do cooking, for example.
  • "I go jogging."

    When you use GO + AN ACTION OR ACTIVITY, we also use a VERB + ING. You go swimming, go dancing, go skiing, and go bowling, for example.

    Please note that you play golf, play basketball, play tennis, and play cards.


What do you do to keep fit? (What sports do you do for exercise?)

Tell me by leaving a comment below or in a message by E-mail at, if you like.

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